Yeo’s white gourd drink

Yeo’s white gourd drink, also known as winter melon, is an invigorating blend of natural white gourd extract, meticulously selected for its health benefits and delightful flavor. You would always feel good if you freshen up your day with White Gourd Drink, a cooling sensational drink with a sweet melon aftertaste. This drink is a quenching Oasis of Natural Goodness, satisfies and quenches your thirst and elevates your taste buds with Yeo’s White Gourd Drink, a refreshing beverage crafted to perfection. White Gourd drink is an authentic Asian drink. It plays a vital role as regards to maintaining a healthy body and general well-being of a person. Its health benefits include: help with weight loss, reduce phlegm, quenches thirst and get rid of internal heat. This Asian drink also has abundant anti-oxidants and high nutritional value. The sweet melon taste makes you feel refreshed at all times, leaving you with no other than to crave for more of it. Always enjoy over ice or chilled Yeo’s for a memorable taste.

Yeo’s white gourd drink

Ingredients of Yeo’s white gourd drink

White gourd juice, cane sugar, water, fructose, artificial flavors, caramel (colour) and sucralose. There are no preservatives.


Other Products at Yeo’s Company

They include: Sauces, Spices, extracts and seasoning mixes. Yeo’s extensive product range provides unmatchable flavors and natural goodness that the world has to offer. This is as a result of Yeo’s unwavering resolve that their original recipes use natural and authentic ingredients over generational ones. This particular act has earned them global recognition.

Yeo’s white gourd drink

Product overview

White Gourd is a tasty cooling drink with pleasant sweet melon aftertaste. It comes in a pack, which includes 24 cartons, each containing 8.5 oz of delicious goodness. There are no artificial additives – Full of Antioxidants and Minerals – White Gourd Juice with Caramel. This perfect size can conveniently fit into fridges, carry bags, and most importantly, the hands of everyone that needs delicious-tasting hydration. White gourd’s irresistible qualities simply makes you crave for more!

Yeo’s white gourd drink

About Yeo’s white gourd drink

Yeo’s strong belief in using natural and authentic ingredients without any form of additives puts them ahead of others. This resolve to deliver an unadulterated form of this traditional Asian beverage will undoubtedly ensure you get the authentic flavors as nature had made it. This beverage promotes overall well-being and supports a healthy immune system owing to its overwhelmingly health benefits and ant-oxidant property. Enjoy the flavour combination of caramel and white gourd, which creates a wonderful balance that will entice your palate. The natural gentleness of white gourd and the sweetness of caramel combine to create a pleasing balance that will have you coming back for more. Go for Yeo’s White Gourd Drink today, let your family and friends know about it and savour a revitalising, healthful drink.

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