The Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

One of the best ways to understand a place – its history, people and geography – is to navigate it by eating their different dishes and foods. Here are best restaurants in Beijing that will help you do just that.


Shanghai Cuisine

The interior design of this eatery is sophisticated. As of 2021, the restaurant has two Michelin stars. Proper table distance creates a cosy, non-obtrusive feeling of intimacy for the diner, and the vintage phonograph in the corner adds a touch of vintage elegance. Chinese food is the restaurant’s primary menu item. One characteristic of Shanghai cuisine is the use of thick oil and red sauce in cooking, which gives meals of various kinds a subtle, sweet flavour without being greasy.


Jubaoyuan Hot Pot Restaurants – Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

Residents of Beijing highly value this eatery for its delicious hotpot. The eatery is forced to restrict the quantity of sesame buns that each patron may purchase due to the large crowd that frequents it. Better enjoyed in groups of four or more, hotpot is a dish best enjoyed with lots of freshly chopped vegetables and thinly sliced meat and mutton on each plate. Try to visit outside of mealtimes as lines can frequently extend the entire length of Niujie Street.


Temple style restaurant in Beijing hutong – Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

As one of the greatest Western restaurants in Beijing, this establishment has continuously gained the respect of the populace. Temple Restaurant offers wonderful dining experiences. Renovated from the ground up, the restaurant features award-winning chefs and is located in a stunning old Tibetan temple. In addition to receiving preservation honours, the restaurant and its affiliated hotel have also been recognised by UNESCO.


Queng-feng steamed dumpling shop

The restaurant has been a staple among Beijingers since its opening in 1948. Both the service and the interiors are uncomplicated and detached. Here, the steamed dumplings are the star attraction. They come filled with a variety of ingredients, such as egg and chives or succulent pork and fennel. Early-morning patrons are typically treated to fried dough sticks and a substantial breakfast menu item. For individuals who genuinely enjoy dumplings, a list of Beijing’s top dim sum eateries is available.


Haiwanju – Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

Famous for its mouthwateringly chewy zhajiangmian (noodles with soybean paste) and a variety of accompanying vegetable side dishes, Haiwanju is a traditional Beijing restaurant brand. The peking shredded pork and the deep-fried starch chips are two more delectable meals you must try.


Yeubin Restaurants

This eatery is privately owned. Yeubin has tasty nutrients and is reasonably priced. Wok-fried tofu and cabbage rolls are just two of the restaurant’s specialty dishes, which are typical Chinese home cooking. Yuebin is a must-visit if you’re yearning a taste of traditional Beijing. It would be a perfect place to stop if you wanted to refuel before visiting the National Art Museum of China, which is a state-funded maze. It is located fairly close to the museum



This is one the best and safest hotpot in town. It was opened in Sichuan province. It’s a huge chain with multiple branches, has excellent-quality ingredients, makes the country’s most famous hotpot sauce, and has great service. It sets a high bar for service standards in restaurants. It offers free manicures, shoe shines and board games. Its branch in Chaoyang is one of the more conveniently located venues. Haidilao is just at your doorstep – place your order for a fresh noodles today!


Najia Restaurant – Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

Najia Restaurant offers an authentic imperial-style dining experience in contemporary Beijing. During the Qing Dynasty, the last Chinese emperors gained popularity for their ostentatious three-day feasts, which contributed to the popularity of this opulent cooking technique. From the tastefully picked furniture to the birds chirping in their cages, the design captures the grace of this era. Two of Najia’s most well-known dishes are the crispy-skinned prawns and the eight-banner aubergines, a cold appetiser of pickled and salted aubergines called after the eight Manchurian army divisions.



The Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

This one of the best restaurants in Beijing and was set up by two Italian brothers. This Italian family-style restaurant dishes out some great pizzas and pasta as well as meat and fish dishes. The wood and pizza oven were flown in from Italy in order to prepare a real Neapolitan pizza. Their lunch menu is very good; two courses cost less than 100 yuan. We definitely suggest it. Families can also enjoy Bottega.


Judian chuanba

Though you could certainly choose any street-side business and have a fantastic time, Judian Chuanba is one of the more well-known brands and is available in practically every community. Even though the Xinjiang area of China is where chuan’r originated, Beijingites enjoy spending their evenings chatting over a mound of beef skewers and beer. This restaurant franchise is present throughout Beijing in reliable brick-and-mortar locations.


Yanjing Wangjing Xiaoyao

Chuan bars are part of the Yanjing Wangjing Xiaoyao franchise. The pig kidney skewers served at this eatery are well-known. It succeeded in eliminating the strong smell of the offal, improving its taste and ease of consumption. Customers who follow the traditional Chinese medicine notion that eating kidneys can increase vitality are particularly excited about this. This chain is not to be confused with Wangjing Xiaoyao because of patent disputes.


Dong Lai Shun (Wangfujing)

The Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

This restaurant has been established for more than a century and has numerous locations throughout Beijing. People flock here to taste its special version of Mongolian hotpot, but its main menu is Muslim. The restaurant’s exquisite vintage decorations, soothing lighting that provides a cosy ambiance, and flawless fusion of Muslim architecture and a quadrangle patio are further reasons for its popularity.


Xian lao man

The Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

Renowned for its dumplings, Xiao Lao Man offers 25 distinct types, including traditional options like lamb and chives, egg and carrot, and vegetable and cilantro. Dumplings by themselves will easily fill you up, but if you’re looking for something a little more substantial, try the kung pao chicken or the shredded potatoes. Although the service is mediocre, the food quality more than makes up for the lack of an overly enthusiastic wait staff.



The Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

This venerable chain’s real Peking duck cooking method is a feature of this restaurant. Selecting Quanjude is always a wise decision. The most famous Beijing duck restaurant worldwide is Quanjuede, which has locations all over the world. The craft of roasting duck and choosing the proper sides and accompaniments has been practised for over a century, and it is now practised to the highest standards. Quanjuede has become the city’s signature duck restaurant thanks in part to its moderate prices.


Green Cow City Café

Beijing’s greatest brunch is served at Green Cow City Cafe, which is also well-known for its real bagels. In addition, being one of the few farm-to-table restaurants, it runs a community supported agriculture project that brings fresh, organic veggies straight from the farm to customers’ doors. Since the venue is hidden behind a big metal door along a busy business street, finding it can be a little challenging the first time.


Siji Mingfu

The Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

Locals in Beijing love Siji Mingfu because it has a traditional Beijing flavour and is made with an ancient roasting technique. Siji Mingfu is a great place to dine like a native and experience the dining atmosphere among the people. Every duck is hand-picked and placed in the stove over a bed of blazing fruit tree wood. Crispy and tender, the meat tastes great.


Huguosi Hutong Snack Street

The Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

Huguosi Street’s famous snack bar was first established in the 1950s when the government brought together a number of well-liked street food sellers from temple fairs to create one amazing establishment. Huguosi Hutong Snack Street is the best area in Beijing to sample street cuisine from all over the city. It’s an excellent spot to satisfy your appetite with a range of inexpensive nibbles.


Hua Jia Yi Yuan

There are three locations of this restaurant, each with a unique focus. Guijie (Ghost Street) Restaurant is a straightforward, unpretentious eatery. The front courtyard’s enormous translucent roof is unusual in that it gives the impression that you are indoors in a garden. This restaurant is the best there has ever been for Beijing’s winter months.


King’s joy – Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

The Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

King’s Joy is a unique vegetarian haven in China, as it is hard to find vegetarian-friendly restaurants. Along with inventive mock-meat dishes, it serves flavorful vegetable-based platters. Gazing out over a bamboo grove, the restaurant is situated next to a tastefully remodelled courtyard. The restaurant’s chefs put in a lot of effort to present dishes that are visually appealing and appetising.


Tian Chu Miao Xiang – Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

The restaurant is also vegetarian-friendly, and the staff frequently studies Confucian literature, contributing to the strong Buddhist and Confucian environment. When cooking, they employ high-quality natural products free of artificial additives. Every month, the restaurant offers a free cooking instruction to interested parties, including housewives and foreign visitors. Under the chef’s supervision, participants are welcome to come to the kitchen and prepare food with their hands.


Moscow Restaurant

The Top Best Restaurants in Beijing

The Moscow restaurant, commonly known as “Lao Mo,” was established in 1945 and is thought to be Beijing’s greatest Western eatery. Before China became one of the world’s leading economic hubs, dining at Moscow Restaurant was regarded as a very exclusive event. Even by today’s standards, the lavish dining hall is an amazing place to eat, especially when live music events are taking place. The menu features all of the traditional Russian dishes, such as beef stroganoff, chicken kiev, and borscht.

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