Thai Café 88: A Home for Luxurious Dishes and Drinks

Thai Cafe 88 is a popular restaurant located in the heart of the city of Garnerville, previously known as Calicotown, is a hamlet in the town of Haverstraw, Rockland County, New York, United States (precisely at No 2 Suffern Ln Garnerville Ny 10923, Haverstraw, New York 10923 USA), offering authentic Thai cuisine to its customers. The restaurant has a warm and cozy atmosphere, with elegant decor and comfortable seating arrangements that make it the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends.

Do you want a flavorful Thai food? Are you in need of a place your guests will be treated with a special Thai cuisine?  Thai Cafe 88 is the spec. This café has been around in NYC for so many years, you get spoiled with so many Thai options. So when we moved to Rockland County, it’s not the same. Some Thai spot is somehow mixed with other Asian food up here. So, we were so glad Thai Cafe 88 opened near us. Flavorful selections with freedom to choose your spice level. Their staff are very friendly and their services are second to none.

It was an awesome experience the first time I ordered food from the cafe and was extremely happy I did! Spicy fresh food that explodes with the Thai spices and flavour. I can’t resist ordering again considering the fulfilment I got from the first order.

Really solid Thai food, reasonable prices, and they sell boba tea and have nice lunch specials. Definitely will be in the take out rotation from now on. We got Drunken Noodles, Green Curry, and Massamam Curry, all were great, looking forward to trying more.

Thai Café 88

One of the standout features of Thai Cafe 88 is the quality of its ingredients. The restaurant uses only the freshest and finest ingredients to ensure that each dish is of the highest quality. The restaurant also takes great care to ensure that its dishes are prepared in a way that enhances their natural flavors and makes them as delicious as possible.

Thai café 88 sources its spices and herbs from Thailand, ensuring that each dish has the authentic flavor and aroma that is associated with Thai cuisine. In addition, the chefs at Thai Cafe 88 are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the different flavors and cooking techniques used in Thai cooking. This ensures that every dish is of the highest quality and that customers receive the best possible dining experience.

The restaurant also offers a range of vegetarian and gluten-free options, making it a great choice for customers with dietary restrictions. The staff are knowledgeable about the ingredients in each dish and are more than happy to help customers choose a meal that meets their specific needs.

Thai Café 88

What are Thai café 88 menus?

Thai Cafe 88 is a popular Thai restaurant, renowned for its authentic and delicious Thai cuisine. Located in the heart of the city, this restaurant offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for a relaxing meal with friends and family. The menus at Thai Cafe 88 is diverse and features a wide range of dishes that are sure to satisfy any craving. Thai Cafe 88 menus are extensive and features a wide range of traditional Thai dishes, including appetizers, soups, entrees, and desserts. Some of the most popular items on the menu include Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai, Massaman Curry, and Pineapple Fried Rice. Each dish is prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes, giving customers a true taste of Thailand. The menus are as follows:


  • Spring Rolls: These crispy and golden fried rolls are filled with a mixture of vegetables and glass noodles. Served with a sweet chili sauce, these spring rolls are a perfect way to start your meal at Thai Cafe 88.
  • Tom Yum Soup: This classic Thai soup is a perfect blend of spicy and sour flavors. Made with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, chili paste, and mushrooms, this soup is sure to warm you up on a chilly evening.
  • Papaya Salad: A traditional Thai dish, this salad is made with shredded green papaya, tomatoes, peanuts, and a spicy dressing. The tangy and spicy flavors of this dish make it a popular starter at Thai Cafe 88.



  • Pad Thai: This is one of the most popular Thai dishes and it is easy to see why. Stir-fried noodles are combined with vegetables, eggs, and a choice of protein, and then topped with peanuts and cilantro for a delicious and filling meal.
  • Green Curry: Green curry is a flavorful made with coconut milk, green chili paste, and a choice of protein. This dish is usually served over rice, and it is perfect for those who love a bit of heat in their food.
  • Massaman Curry: This rich and creamy curry is made with potatoes, peanuts, and a choice of protein, equally served over rice most of the time. The blend of sweet and spicy flavors in this dish make it a must-try for those who love Thai cuisine.


  • Pla Rad Prik: Fried fish is topped with a sweet chili sauce and served with steamed vegetables. This dish is perfect for those who love seafood and want to try something new.
  • Shrimp Pad Ka-Prao: Stir-fried shrimp are combined with chili paste, garlic, and basil leaves to create a delicious and flavorful dish. This dish is perfect for those who love seafood and spicy food and usually served over rice
  • Calamari Salad: Grilled calamari is combined with a spicy lime dressing and served with mixed greens. This dish is perfect for those who love seafood and are looking for a lighter option.



  • Mango Sticky Rice: Sweet mangoes are served over glutinous rice with a sweet coconut sauce. This sweet and satisfying dessert is the perfect way to end your meal at Thai Cafe 88.
  • Fried Bananas: Fried bananas are served with honey and vanilla ice cream. This sweet and satisfying dessert is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.
  • Thai Tea: A sweet and creamy tea made with black tea, condensed milk, and spices. This refreshing drink is perfect for those who want to end their meal on a sweet note.

Note: In addition to these menu items, Thai Cafe 88 also offers a selection of vegetarian options, as well as a variety of soups, salads, and sides. Whether you are in the mood for a spicy curry or a sweet dessert, Thai Cafe 88 has something for everyone.

Thai Café 88

What are the Beverages and Drinks available in Thai Café 88?

In addition to its delicious food, Thai Cafe 88 also offers an extensive drinks menu, featuring a range of beverages including teas, coffees, juices, and beers. The restaurant has a fully licensed bar and is well-known for its signature cocktails, including the Thai Iced Tea and the Mango Sticky Rice.

The service at Thai Cafe 88 is exceptional, with friendly and attentive staff who are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that customers have a positive dining experience. Whether it’s helping to choose a dish from the menu or offering recommendations for drinks, the staff are always available to assist.

Thai Cafe 88 is a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy delicious Thai cuisine in a warm and inviting atmosphere. With its authentic ingredients, skilled chefs, and excellent service, it offers customers a true taste of Thailand and other dishes, and is sure to become a favorite restaurant for years to come.


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