Pan American Highway: The longest road in the world

The longest road in the world is the Pan American Highway which stretches across the entire Americas. It begins from its Northern tip in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, United States all the way down to Ushuaia in Argentina. The total length of the road is about 30,000 km but approximately 48,000 km, when spurs in North and South America are included. According to Guinness World Records, the highway is credited to be the world’s longest “motorable road”. There is a rainforest of about 106 km along the road, thereby separating Southeast Panama and Central America/Northwest Colombia. This rainforest popularly known as Darien Gap, requires about 4 days hike to pass if you are travelling by land. Take a ferry to get from Panama to Colombia if you are to pass this area with a car. When en route, you will go through a variety of climate zones, including moist rainforests, dense jungles, and parched deserts. Courageous people who would want to undertake the adventure will require a number of months to complete the journey. During the Fifth International Conference of American States in 1923, the idea for the Pan American Highway was first presented. Ultimately, the states signed the Convention on July 29, 1937. An official declaration of highway annexes was made by the US Federal Highways Administration in 1966, encompassing all Interstates.


Pan American Highway passes through the following:

North America: Canada, US, Mexico, Guatemala

Central America: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panamá, Honduras, Nicaragua

South America: Columbia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Argentina

Spurs: Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

The Pan-American Highway is not just a road; it’s a symbol of connectivity, exploration, and the shared heritage of the Americas. Crossing borders, climates, and cultures, this epic highway offers a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for those who dare to embark on the journey from the Arctic Circle to the southern tip of the world.

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