Jabi Lake Park

Jabi Lake Park is located next to Jabi Lake in the west of Abuja on the opposite side to Jabi Lake Mall. The Recreation Park is the toast of fun seekers within and around the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The park is surrounded by body of water with beautiful scenery and offers the closest exquisite beach experience. Beside the lake, is a cool garden that provides an attractive scene and inexpensive fun for families and lovers. Jabi Lake Park is about 12-15 minutes away from the Abuja Central Business District. It is a good place to relax under the quiet and natural air. It can also be used for exercises, walkouts and outdoor parties and events. Jabi lake mall, a spectacular mall, is also by the corner for your latest fashions and brands. You can stroll in and do your shoppings. Worthy of note is that there is no adequate security there. Therefore, it is not wise to visit the park at night though it is usually open at all times. It is busiest on weekends, especially in the mornings, when hundreds of people visit the park for exercise or just to relax.

Activities in the Jabi Lake Park

There are many recreational facilities and activities that can attract local and foreign fun seekers such as picnickers, birthday celebrants and other event seekers. They are:

Fitness: There are a range of fitness instructors who work in the park. Some have more equipment than others, and some are probably more experienced than others. Your choice and financial capability will determine the one you would go for.

Rowing: A Canoe Training Centre was opened in February 2022 by the Nigeria Rowing Federation but you have to be a member to use their facilities. They have a range of boats that you can take out on the lake. Other forms of rowing such as canoeing, kayaking, sculling and sweep rowing are available. There is also speedboat cruise and other water sports.

Jabi Lake Park

Football: The park has many football groups. Process of joining them is not rigorous but not readily available now. If you are interested, just visit the park and make your enquiries.

Massage: Professional masseurs and masseuses abound in the park anytime anyday. If you need their services, just stroll to the park and have your body reinvigorated.

Roller skating: This is also available but it is mainly for the young people. You can have fun with the available equipment there, though not the latest ones and the professionals are also handy to guide you.

Jabi Lake Park

Other sporting, entertainment and general activities:

These activities include water sports, beach volleyball, table tennis, horse riding, skiing, game shows, gambling, dancing competition, etc. Jabi Lake Recreation Park provides them abundantly.

Trading and Hawking: Ever huge number of fun seekers have made all types of businesses thrive in the park. As a result, the park has provided jobs for many industrious Nigerians, who hawk goods and services needed by fun seekers. The goods hawk in the park are soft drinks, skiing kits, mats, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, clothes, jerseys, sport emblems, etc.

Horse Riding: This enticing sport is very much well refined here unlike what you get in most other horse riding centres. The horses are not only well-trained; they have instructors who escort them around while looking for patronisers.

Gambling, dance competition and skiing: Fun seekers and other visitors also engage in dance competitions, gambling and skiing. A large number of kids, teens, and adults go skiing. Dancing contests in the park are usually entertaining. Competing for awards, talented dancers frequently captivate onlookers with their intriguing dance moves and styles. Dancing lessons are also conducted in the park. Here, the dancers learn how to shake their hips into the rhythm of the beat.

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