Dijiwa Sanctuaries: Sumptuous Resort in Bali

Dijiwa Sanctuaries’s headquarters is located at Jl. Kenyeri No. 142, Bali. It is a lodging establishment with excellence. Through hospitality, wellness, gastronomy, design, and people who cherish value for money, the company offers a comprehensive and carefully chosen experience for its properties and visitors. It is headquartered in Bali, Indonesia, and was established in 2021. Dijiwa Sanctuaries is a new benchmark for opulent vacations in breathtaking settings. Their boutique properties create opulent, exotic, and romantic hidden worlds by fusing cutting-edge design with the highest level of individualised service. We create a private space and time where each moment and interaction seems deeply personal, ensuring that you leave with more than simply mementos—you leave with unforgettable memories.

You may relearn what it is to live well and make connections that are significant on all fronts here. Come stay with us wherever you go to revitalise your soul. Dijiwa Sanctuaries extends an invitation for you to go on an enlightening voyage. These Sanctuaries are located at different places in the island where they exhibit a magnificent collection of boutique hotels, resorts, and villas. They include: Ubud, Seminyak, Canggu, Umalas, Amed, Labuan Bajo, and Gili Asahan.

Experience and Memory in Dijiwa Sanctuaries

Dijiwa Sanctuaries offer an unquestionably unique selection of experiences that blend in perfectly with all the opulent extras that discerning travellers have come to expect. These experiences fall into four categories: culinary arts, mindful living, cultural encounters, couple celebrations, and lifelong memories.

Dijiwa Sanctuaries: Sumptuous Resort in BaliDijiwa Sanctuaries: Sumptuous Resort in Bali

The Destinations

The focal point of the Dijiwa experience is the location, which you can explore under the direction of our Dijiwa staff. Engage in lifestyle activities that are customised to your personal preferences and fall under one of four themes: culinary arts, mindful living, cultural adventures, or couples festivities. At Dijiwa Sanctuaries, we’re constantly thinking of innovative ways to provide you with the best possible experiences at our distinctive locations through exclusive deals, packages, and events.

Dijiwa Sanctuaries: Sumptuous Resort in Bali

Dijiwa Sanctuaries are not alone in this business, there other companies in this niche with them. They are:

Nihi Sumba in Sumba, Indonesia.

This has a resort offers hospitality services like accommodation, adventure, leisure, culture, and dining services.


Santi Mandala Villa & Spa in Bali, Indonesia

Santi Mandala Villa & Spa operates a resort and spa. They provide hospitality and accommodations services such as refrigerator, hot and cold water, room services, air conditioner, telephone, satellite television and personal mini bar.

Dijiwa Sanctuaries: Sumptuous Resort in Bali

The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This was founded in 1997. In Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas, you can enjoy the following: beachfront hotel, restaurants, bars, butler service, and more.

Dijiwa Sanctuaries: Sumptuous Resort in BaliDijiwa Sanctuaries: Sumptuous Resort in Bali

Soul Community Planet

Soul Community Planet (SCP) like others is a hospitality industry, where you can get the following services and more: accommodation, adventure, leisure, culture, and dining services. The location of this resort was designed in such a way that they work in harmony with the guests while rendering the services.


Rajawali Property Group in Jakarta, Indonesia – Dijiwa Sanctuaries

Rajawali Property Group is expert in real estate investment and asset Management Company. They specialize mainly on management of estates, residential buildings, high valued assets and properties, etc.

Dijiwa Sanctuaries: Sumptuous Resort in BaliDijiwa Sanctuaries: Sumptuous Resort in Bali


As a part of the Dijiwa Delapan Utama Hospitality boutique hotel brand, Dijiwa Sanctuaries is run by a talented team of international and local professionals. Dijiwa Sanctuaries was founded with a strong desire for showcasing the region’s culture and tourism. Dijiwa Sanctuaries strives to offer a comprehensively crafted experience for the properties and visitors through hospitality, wellness, food, design, and a persona that is in love with good value. We design, run, and provide our shareholders with comprehensive, individualised management services as well as memorable experiences for our visitors.

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