Boba gem teahouse: The teahouse to beat!

Tea is a popular drink world-wide with a variety from which you can choose from depending on the type you are used to. Different teahouses and cafés have them in their menus but when quality matters, I would recommend Boba gem teahouse for you, give it a trial today and see the difference!

Boba Gem Teahouse is a popular tea shop chain that specializes in a variety of tea-based drinks, including bubble tea, milk tea, and fruit tea. The chain was first established in Taiwan and has since expanded to multiple locations in various countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia. Join me as I take you through the history, menu, and customer experience of Boba Gem Teahouse.

Boba gem teahouse


Boba Gem Teahouse was founded in Taiwan in 2004 by a group of tea enthusiasts who wanted to create a unique tea-drinking experience for customers. They wanted to offer a wide range of high-quality teas and tea-based drinks that would appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. The company quickly became popular in Taiwan, and in 2012, it opened its first international location in Canada.

Boba Gem Tea House is a Bubble tea store located at 4213 University Way NE, Northeast Seattle, Seattle, Washington  98105, US. It hidden inside Mama’s Viet Kitchen in University District, Seattle. Serving Latino-inspired drinks with real fruit & corn combined with Asian flavors. Today, the Teahouse has more than 50 locations worldwide, with plans to open even more in the future. The company is known for its commitment to quality, using only the freshest ingredients and the highest-quality tea leaves in all of its drinks.


The Boba Gem Teahouse menu is extensive and features a wide range of tea-based drinks. The chain offers everything from classic milk tea to fruity bubble tea, with a variety of toppings and flavor options available.

One of the most popular drinks on the menu is the classic bubble tea. This drink is made with a base of black tea or green tea, mixed with milk or fruit juice, and topped with chewy tapioca balls or fruit jellies.

The menu had interesting and varied options with a Mexican influence. I got the mangonada and a tamarindo milk tea for later. The mangonada was so beautiful and aesthetic. It was a work of art! It was also flavorful and refreshing, the perfect summer treat! I got it with 0% sweetness and that was the right call to make because it was naturally sweet from the mango. Unfortunately, by the time I got to trying the tamarindo milk tea though, the non-dairy creamer had completely separated. I tried mixing it again but it was quite grainy, so I had to throw it out. Still, I enjoyed this place and would come here again.

What are the variety of different bubble tea flavors in Boba Gem Teahouse?

Boba Gem Teahouse offers a variety of different bubble tea flavors, including:

  • Taro
  • Honeydew
  • Strawberry
  • Matcha


What are the types of milk tea in Boba Gem Teahouse Menu?

In addition to bubble tea, Boba Gem Teahouse also offers a variety of milk teas, which are made with a base of black tea, milk, and a sweetener such as honey or sugar. Milk tea flavors include:

  • Classic
  • Chocolate
  • Almond


What are the variety of fruit teas in Boba teahouse?

For customers who prefer a lighter, fruitier drink, Boba Gem Teahouse also offers a range of fruit teas. These drinks are made with a base of green tea or black tea, mixed with fresh fruit and fruit juice, and sweetened with honey or sugar. Fruit tea flavors include:

  • Peach
  • Passion fruit
  • Lychee

What are the snacks and desserts available in Boba Gem Teahouse?

In addition to its extensive drink menu, Boba Gem Teahouse also offers a range of snacks and desserts. Popular among them are: items include

  • Egg tarts
  • Mochi
  • Various flavors of shaved ice.

Boba gem teahouse

Customer Experience

The customer experience at Boba Gem Teahouse is one of the things that sets the chain apart from other tea shops. The company is known for its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and its commitment to providing excellent customer service.

When customers enter a Boba Gem Teahouse location, they are greeted by friendly staff members who are eager to help them choose the perfect drink. The staff is knowledgeable about all of the different tea flavors and toppings and can offer recommendations based on a customer’s preferences.

The chain also places a strong emphasis on creating a comfortable, welcoming environment for customers. Many locations offer comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi, making them popular spots for students and professionals looking for a place to work or study.

Their services include Delivery, Takeout, Dine-in . Accepted payment methods include Debit cards , Credit cards .

Above all, Boba Gem has the best customer service experience I’ve ever had. The owners and all the staff I interacted with were incredibly kind. They are amazing and so reliable for catered orders. They even offer discounts without being asked and were willing to drive and help deliver drinks without asking.

The customer experience at Boba Gem Teahouse is one that is focused on creating a welcoming, inclusive environment where customers can relax and enjoy a delicious drink.

Boba Gem Teahouse is a popular tea shop chain that has become known for its commitment to quality, extensive menu, and excellent customer experience. With more than 50 locations worldwide, the chain has become a go-to spot for tea lovers of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic bubble tea, a fruity fruit tea, or a delicious snack, Boba Teahouse got your back.

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