Best Walk in Dorset: West Bay to Burton Bradstock

Best Walk in Dorset: If you are in Bridport or anywhere in Dorset, you have to take a wonder along one of the best walks in the UK from West Bay cliffs to Burton Bradstock. Along the South West Costal path, this is one of the Jurassic Coasts best kept secrets, and the path is very rarely busy. Here’s everything you need to know about the West Bay costal path walk.

The best place to start is from East beach car park – you can park your car in there for just £2.80 for 3 hours – and you are right at the start of the costal path. There are plenty of other car parks in West Bay you can also park at, just make your way to the West Bay cliffs for the start of the walk.

The start of this walk is a VERY steep cliff which you have to walk up. If it is wet DO NOT attempt this walk – you can always walk along the sand (way away from the cliffs) until you get to Freshwater Holiday park and join the costal path from there.

If you are physically fit enough and the path is dry, take the slope easy – but it is only about a 5 minuet walk up and then the rest is flat. At the top of the cliff you get a beautiful view of West Bay and Bridport.

From there it is a flat walk along the costal path, where you will see a golf course, and the stunning views across. The best place to stop for pictures along this path is just before the cliff dips down and up again (about 15 mins into the walk ). You’ll get a photo like this one below.

Keep walking along the costal path, you will then reach Freshwater Holiday Park, which will bring you back down to the beach and off the cliffs, you can either turn around then to head back to West Bay (it’s nice to walk along the beach instead of back up the cliff) or you can continue on towards Burton Bradstock.

If you turn around at Freshwater Holiday park and head back, the total walk will be around 45 mins long, but if you carry on the costal path you can keep going for as long as you want really. I like to carry on to Burton Bradstock, so walk along the beach and re-join the costal path towards Hive Beach.

Turning around at Hive Beach and heading back to West Bay is around a 90 minute walk. The walk along the sand the whole way back is slightly demanding, but a beautiful walk.

I absolutely love this coastal walk around Dorset, and popping into Bridport when you finish is the perfect way to wrap up the day. Bridport is a cute market town with local shops and great restaurants and cafes – definitely try Soulshine Cafe for lunch or dinner!

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