Best Vietnamese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

There is a wide variety of cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City, which locals refer to as Saigon. Vietnamese restaurants are particularly appealing as places to visit when exploring the city’s gastronomic offerings. Showcasing the many flavours and culinary traditions of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, the recommended spots below provide a genuine answer to your quest. For individuals who follow a particular diet, we also list some of the best vegetarian eateries in the area. Together with our recommendations for each restaurant, we will give a succinct synopsis and evaluation. Due to the lack of a set order, it’s possible that the restaurants mentioned first aren’t always better than the ones listed later.


1. Anan Saigon – A Michelin-starred Vietnamese restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

Anan Saigon is located in District 1 near to one of the city’s oldest wet markets, which has been around for a long time. The food at this restaurant has undergone significant changes. It has given traditional Vietnamese food a contemporary twist. This restaurant’s menu features a majority of meals that draw inspiration from the street cuisine culture of Vietnam, enhancing the flavours with superior ingredients and presentation. The Anan Saigon restaurant had certain drawbacks, such as its unusual service and typically little eating area, which required a very small dining table. Their menu features the following items: wagyu fried rice, duck banh mi, wagyu banh mi, and truffle pho. There were once a lot of favourite foods, but those days are long gone. The culinary genius behind this restaurant’s success is Chef Peter, a well-known chef who has utilised his creativity to turn traditional Vietnamese fare into excellent fine dining experiences. Among their menu’s fusion items are banh xeo tacos and Da Lat pizzas; other well-known items are fish sauce ice cream, bun cha bourdain, le petite banh mi, and Saigon shaking beef with Phu Quoc pepper sauce.

Address: No. 89, Ton That Dam Street, District 1


2. Cuc Gach Quan

In the busy metropolis of Saigon, Cuc Gach Quan is undoubtedly the restaurant you would consider while seeking a peaceful moment. With its antique furniture, this eatery has a rustic appearance. Our memories of life in Vietnam many decades ago are evoked by the distinctive exhibitions of this eatery. For guests from abroad in particular, Cuc Gach Quan’s wide menu may be a little intimidating due to the absence of graphics. This restaurant is well-known for its lemongrass chilli tofu, fried soft-shelled crabs, and Vietnamese coriander-infused beef soup. According to the preferences of their patrons, Cuc Gach restaurants can modify the amount of spices, seasonings, and other items they use. This has happened severally, once you intimate the server on your qualities and specifications, they would go and prepare the dish as specified.

Address: No. 10, Dang Tat Street, District 1


3. Hum Vegetarian

Hum is one the vegetarian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City and considered among the best at that. Its authentic Vietnamese flavors dishes and mindful ambiance have made it famous in the city. The environment at this restaurant is generally peaceful and this earned many customers. At Hum, carefully prepared veggies, mushrooms, fruits, and nutritious grains take centre stage and are turned into a range of delectable and filling dishes. Hum’s most popular dishes are the salt-roasted butternut squash salad, mushroom fried spring rolls, Hum fried rice, and braised tofu and eggs in spicy sauce. Their soup has a flavorful, spicy taste, and I think even non-vegetarians will appreciate Hum’s cuisine. You may also get a variety of healthful beverages at Hum, like fresh fruit juices and herbal teas. You have a choice, but remember which ones suit your body the best.


No. 32 – 34, Vo Van Tan Street, District 3

No. 32, D10 Street, District 2


4. Ann Quan

Ho Chi Minh City’s well-known Vietnamese eatery is called Ann Quan. The cuisine served in this restaurant is primarily from the rural areas of northern Vietnam. This restaurant is renowned for producing food that is full of flavour, aroma, freshness, and taste. Most of the ingredients in this recipe were carefully selected and come from natural sources.

Address: No. 66, Ngo Duc Ke Street, District 1


5. Den Long Restaurant – A restaurant in Saigon famous for authentic Vietnamese dishes

The Vietnamese restaurant Den Long Quan in Ho Chi Minh City serves home-cooked meals. This restaurant is quite special because of its delicious food, affordable rates, lovely eating area, and enticing surroundings. Numerous patrons express gratitude for the restaurant’s mouth watering flavours, extensive Vietnamese menu, and superb presentations. The restaurant’s personnel is simply amazing; they speak English fluently, are attentive, and are everything you could possibly want, which has contributed to its popularity.

Address: No. 130, Nguyen Trai Street, District 1


6. Vietnam House Restaurant Ho Chi Minh City

It is located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City and serves food that is both modern and traditional in Vietnamese cuisine. Situated in a beautifully renovated French colonial edifice is Vietnam House. The restaurant creates delicious food by using the newest technologies and modern ingredients in their cuisine. They have tamarind pineapple prawn soup and salmon vermicelli noodle soup on their menu. They used to have dishes on their menu such as mien luon, or eel noodle soup, but they no longer do. Some of their best offerings are the Wagyu beef pho, grilled five-spice pigeon, and Iberico pork spring rolls, which you should definitely try.

Address: No. 93-95-97, Dong Khoi Street, District 1


7. Hoi An Sense

Best Vietnamese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

This restaurant has been in existence for decades in Ho Chi Minh City. The dishes in their menu with strong affiliation to cultural heritage and architectural designs speak volume for them. Their dishes always ooze out irresistible flavor with an attractive look that cannot be ignored by anybody with passion for good food. Customers and guests in the restaurant are usually entertained with a captivating performance of traditional folk music mostly in the evening.

Address: On the rooftop of the Opus Saigon building, No. 12, Phan Ke Binh Street, District 1


8. Laang Saigon Restaurant – An authentic Vietnamese restaurant in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Best Vietnamese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

Laang Saigon is one the newly established restaurants with modern facilities and has two locations in Saigon. It focuses on providing delicious and healthy food in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Their extensive menu features many Vietnamese classics as well as some modern options. Their kitchen can also adjust the seasonings if you tell them you prefer Northern-style taste. The favorite dishes in their menu are bun bo Hue and red rice noodle soup with crab and shrimp (banh da cua). Their mustard green soup with fish (a very traditional family dish), and squid with salted egg sauce are top-notch


No. 22, Dang Huu Pho Street, Thu Duc City

No. 18, Ngo Van Nam Street, District 1


9. Khoai Restaurant

This is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City for Central Vietnamese cuisine. One and all of the dishes at Khoai Restaurant are prepared with traditional methods and carefully selected ingredients. Because of the high quality of the ingredients they employ in their cooking, the aroma from their dishes are second to none. Jellyfish noodles, grilled nem, and mai fish salad are among the dishes in their menu.

Address: No. 16, Le Quy Don Street, District 3


10. Bep Nha Luc Tinh

Bep Nha Luc Tinh is one of the top Vietnamese restaurants in the city of Saigon. Bep Nha Luc Tinh is outstanding in all their dishes but has gone a step ahead of others with the way they prepare and present their beloved dishes and foods. Grilled snails with green pepper and coconut-stuffed duck pancakes are among the treasured dishes in their menu.

Address: No. 37, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, District 1

Best Vietnamese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

11. Hoa Tuc Restaurant – Among the best Vietnamese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City for culinary excellence

Hoa Tuc restaurant is a renowned Vietnamese food outlet in Ho Chi Minh City. It is a place where you can get high quality Vietnamese dishes. The restaurant is among the few restaurants that still maintain the original Vietnamese traditional cooking and dishes. The restaurant’s state of the art facilities speak volume. The architectural design of the surroundings is just superb. Afford yourself the opportunity of having dinner in this restaurant and the lasting memory will speak for itself.


No. 74/7, Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1

No. 6A, Ngo Thoi Nhiem Street, District 3


12. Que Nha Restaurant

As one of the best restaurants in the city, Que Nha Restaurant has contributed immensely in the promotion of traditional Vietnamese dishes. The level of their professionalism is to the peak, the satisfaction of customers is their watch-word. A customer is allowed to have a taste of dishes from the three regions of Vietnam. All of them maintain the unique flavours, ingredients, and procedures while being abundant in classic flavours. The restaurant’s large, tastefully decorated atmosphere adds to its overall feeling of peace and cosiness.

Address: Que Nha Restaurant has their offices in Thanh Thai Street, Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Nguyen Thai Binh Street and Nguyen Van Huong Street, Thu Duc.


13. East By Ngo Thanh Hoa

This Restaurant is the meeting point of all the different kinds of Vietnamese dishes in Ho Chi Minh City. Chef Ngo Thanh Hoa creatively incorporates Vietnamese herbs and seasonings to bring completely new ideas to diners leaving traditional Vietnamese dishes out of the restaurant. The chef is an epitome of a humble creature, he oversees the day to day running of the restaurant and also interacts with the customers to the extent that you can order food directly through him. Many guests’ favourite dish is their aromatic fried rice, which is garnished with white basil leaves. The finest of equals is a fragrant fried rice combo with a variety of main meals, like chicken thighs with mac khen and roasted fish in banana leaves with curry sauce. Some of the menu items, such Korean rice cakes or Japanese miso, may contain elements from other Asian cuisines. Everything we’ve tested has ranged from mediocre to excellent overall.  

Address: 73 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, District 3


14. Quan Bui

Looking for traditional Vietnamese meals in a countywide setting, Quan Bui restaurants is the answer. In this restaurant, the aesthetic view of the restaurant coupled with the classic Vietnamese dishes will keep you glued without thought of going home. The favorite’s dishes in the restaurant are crab rice noodle soup, opo squash with prawn soup, sour soup with pork ribs, fried rice and braised pork in fermented sauce.

Address: Multiple locations in HCMC, including District 1, Binh Thanh District & District 2


15. Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro

This restaurant is located right next to the Independence Palace and the Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon. The menu is more of traditional Vietnamese dishes with a touch of modern contemporary. The following dishes are available in the restaurant: banh mi, fresh spring rolls, beef pho, bun bo Hue (Hue beef rice noodle soup), salad with homemade citrus-soy tofu, edamame and black rice.

Address: 21 Han Thuyen, District 1


These Vietnamese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City (also known as Saigon city) offer different culinary experiences that you should not be told but either experience by yourself. Each of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City mentioned above provides a unique interpretation of the cuisine. The eateries listed above will not only please your palate, but they will also afford you a window into this energetic city. Enjoy the delicious cuisine and friendly service of these Vietnamese restaurants when visiting or living in Ho Chi Minh City to make treasured memories of your stay in this vibrant city. We hope that this insider’s guide will help you have some very memorable meals while visiting the city.

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