Best Vietnamese foods

Vietnamese cuisine unique but yet simple. They are food with distinction and unforgettable experience when you have a feel of it. The most well-liked dishes are found in both high-end restaurants and street-side sellers since they may be made just as well on the side of the road as in one. Among the best in all of Southeast Asia is Vietnamese food. Vietnamese cuisine has a spicy, sour, sweet, and salty flavour when made utilising traditional and unique recipes. The slight geographical differences in Vietnamese cuisine usually liven up the menus and leave us craving more. Some of the Best Vietnamese foods are summarised below:


1. Pho

Best Vietnamese foods

It originated in the northern part of the country but is now a national dish of Vietnamese people. Pho should always be among the first food to mention if you are talking about best vietnamese foods. Pho is everywhere you go! It is not feasible to walk few steps in the streets of Vietnam without bumping into a hungry crowd masticating Pho at its stand. This food is majorly eaten as breakfast though can be taken at any time. The composition of Pho are salty broth, fresh rice noodles, a sprinkling of herbs and chicken or beef broth flavoured with ginger and coriander, and spring onions. You can add meat-wise, slivers of chicken, pork or beef. You can use many other vegetarian option but Tofu is the mainstay. It is cheap, tasty, and widely available at all hours predominately in the local diet.


2. Chaca

Best Vietnamese foods

In Vietnamese menu, Seafood dishes are cherished above most other food. This is the reason chaca food is the dearest food among the Hanoians and as such there is a street in the capital dedicated to these fried morsels of fish. Talking about best vietnamese foods without mentioning it makes the list incomplete. It is best prepared by frying white fish with butter together with dill and spring onions, then served with rice noodles and a scattering of peanuts. Looking for the best place to enjoy your Cha ca and other Vietnamese seafood dishes, Duong Than should be first to strike your mind. It is located in Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem district, where you’ll find plenty of more affordable but just as tasty options. Another good place to enjoy your seafood in Vietnam is Da Nang. This food outlet is perfectly located in waterfront, which is a big advantage for its operations.


3. Banh xeo


Best Vietnamese foods

A complete and perfect banh xeo is made up of shrimp, pork, bean sprouts and egg. The ingredient are sauted to merge them together, wrapped in rice paper with greens and dunked in a fish sauce (Nuoc Cham), thereafter you can garnish of fresh herbs before eaten. Note that after frying, the banh xeo will appear firm, dry and brittle in texture like a type of thin French pancake, no wonder it is also called “sizzling pancake”. To enjoy one like a local, cut it into manageable slices, roll it up in rice paper or lettuce leaves and dunk it in whatever special sauce the chef has mixed up for you. Ho Chi Minh City is ideal place to enjoy your favourite banh xeo, one of the best vietnamese foods, precisely at Banh Xeo, 46A Dinh Cong Trang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)


4. Cao lau

Best Vietnamese foods

Cao lau, as one the best vietnamese foods, is a special delicacy form Hoi An’s tasty. This light soup with thick rice-flour noodles, pork rind croutons, and bean sprouts is called pork noodle dish. The pork and crispy wonton crackers add a Chinese flair, the thicker noodles resemble Japanese udon, and the broth and herbs are unmistakably Vietnamese. Following preparation, it is seasoned with star anise and mint, topped with thin pork slices, and served with crispy rice paper or grilled rice-flour crackers. You should always have your cao lau at Hoi An because, according to Vietnamese traditional belief and culture, the perfect cao lau can only be created with water taken from the nearby Ba Le well.


5. Rau muong

This is among the most enjoyed dishes among the best vietnamese foods. It is known to some people as river weed, of course they have their reasons for that. Despite the name, the delicacy is still one of the most sort after by Vietnamese people. And it has made the dish to be among the most available delicacy in almost every restaurant and beer garden in Vietnam. Chung Den Bia Hoi, 18B Hang Cot, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi


6. Nem ran (Cha gio)

This particular dish is not all that popular as other ones but it is still enjoyed by some people who find it worthy. It is called nem ran in the north but known as cha gio in the south. They usually come as a bite-sized crunchy spring rolls but not as healthy as other dishes. Before the main course, the crunchy shell with a soft veggie and meat filling dipped in a zesty sauce stimulates the taste buds. Bun Cha, 1 Hang Manh, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi


7. Bon bo hue

Bon bo hue is another special best vietnamese foods in Ho Chi Minh City. This delicacy is characterize by meaty broth and piles of beef and pork. Compared to noodles from the north and south, bon bo hue, which is also described as thick, slippery rice noodles, makes for a heartier lunch. Ho Chi Minh City serves this meal. Try Tib Express, 162 NguyenDinh Chieu, District 3, HCMC.


8. Banh khot

Best Vietnamese foods

Banh knot can be under looked and underrated in one hand but satisfying, bountiful and mouthful in the other hand. This special type of Vietnamese pancake with small and pretty difference from the other dishes usually varies in size but taste the same. The crunchy outside is made using coconut milk and the filling usually consists of shrimp, mung beans, and spring onions with a dusting of dried shrimp flakes on top. Co Ba Vung Tau, 59B Cao Thang, District 3, HCMC


9. Ga tan

A classic bowl of chicken noodle soup is this one. It’s one of the kinds of broths available in Vietnam. Vietnamese people searching abroad for chicken noodle soup no longer have to worry thanks to Ga Tan. This dish is produced simply using chunks of chicken and herbs that have a greenish tint. Try Ga Tan if you’re craving a taste of chicken noodle brook. In the Hoan Kiem neighbourhood of Hanoi, visit one of the street vendors on Tong Duy Tan, often known as Pho Am Thuc, or “Food Street.”


10. Nom hoa chuoi

The greatest ingredients for nom hoa chuoi are Vietnam’s banana blossom salad packets. Thick purple lumps known as banana flowers, which eventually develop into bunches of bananas, are peeled, thinly sliced, and combined with green papaya, carrots, and cilantro. Additionally, chicken is added, along with a generous amount of a salty fish sauce dressing and crunchy peanuts. When combined, Nom hoa chuoi will be of the highest quality compared to a regular plate of mixed greens. Highway 4 restaurant, 3 Hang Tre, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi


11. Bun bo nam bo

Best Vietnamese foods

Tender beef slices combine with crunchy peanuts and bean sprouts in this meal, which is also flavoured with crisp dried shallots, fresh herbs, fish sauce, and hot chilli peppers. This bowl of noodles is served without liquid, which prevents the different textures and ingredients from becoming soggy.


12. Hoa qua dam

Hoa qua dam is a thick and unwieldy combination of fresh tropical fruits. More importantly, this delicacy is an essential source of water in Vietnam’s hot weather. If you stick to the shaved ice variety, it might be seen as a healthy substitute for ice cream; but, for the full experience, it tastes best when combined with diabetes-causing condensed milk.


13. Pho cuon

This food is a combination of the flavors of pho and goi cuon. If you observe well, you would find out that they use sheets of uncut pho noodles to encase fried beef, herbs and lettuce or cucumber. After the processing, the final product will look like a fresh spring rolls. The best place to find them is on Ngu Xa Island on the capital’s Tru.c Bach Lake – specifically at 26 Nguyen Khac Hieu Ba Dinh district, Hanoi


14. Ga nuong

Best Vietnamese foods

Ga nuong is a local Vietnamese food made from chickens. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) may be everywhere in Vietnamese but locally fried chickens like Ga nuong is people’s preferred choice. These are very soft chicken legs, wings, and feet that have been marinated in honey and grilled over massive, roaring fires. The skin is crispy but never dry. Viet Ha on Ly Van Phuc, Dong Da district, Hanoi.


15. Ca phe trung

Ca phe trung, also called Vietnamese coffee is one of the best dishes in Vietnam. It is actually a drink but it is most often classified as a dessert. This food is so good that people who detest coffee have good passion for it. Its features include: creamy, soft, meringue-like egg white foam. For it to be best enjoyed, it is usually placed on the rich Vietnamese coffee. In order to enjoy a breathtaking view of Hoan Kiem Lake while matching your ca phe trung, you must ascend a number of teetering flights of steps and follow the lane between the gaudy souvenir shops at 11 Hang Gai into the clearing.


16. Bo la lot

Vietnamese people has that strict culture of swathing their food. Bo la lot is prepared by flaming an open grill to soften the exterior and infuse the betel leaf’s peppery aroma into the ground beef inside. This food is not a raw food neither it is a deep fried one. 3T Quan Nuong, 29-31 Ton That Thiep, District 1, HCMC


17. Xoi

Xoi is more of real food in Vietnam than a complements. This dish is in form of a sticky rice with savory smell. This carbohydrate based food can be topped with a variety of toppings, such as fried or preserved eggs, slithers of pork or poultry, or even just a sprinkle of dried shallots.


18. Banh cuon

Banh cuon is a rolled up rice flour pancakes that is much liked in Vietnam. They usually have a savory filling of minced pork and mushrooms but can appear to be empty and slender sometimes. Banh cuon is best served when they are still hot, soft and delicate so that you can enjoy the taste to the fullest. A special pieces of peeled citrus fruit also known as “zest” can be added by dipping the slippery parcels in a fishy dipping sauce, giving it a fantastic flavor.


19. Bun cha (Grilled meatballs)

Hanoi is known for its bun cha cuisine. When it comes to that, it is a formidable force. Bun cha is served at street kitchens and food stands all around the city. Although pho is perhaps the most well-known cuisine in Vietnam, bun cha is still the best option, especially for lunch. The pig is grilled over an open charcoal brazier and served with a big bowl of soup that is heavily flavoured with fish sauce, a basket of herbs, and a bed of chilled rice noodles with various greenery. Although it looks like a hamburger, the flavour it emanates is unmatched.


20. Banh mi

In Vietnam, one of the most well-liked street dishes is banh mi. Even just knowing the compositions will make you itching to give it a try. This Vietnamese sandwich was first created during French colonial rule in the 19th century and was formally known as baguette. In that regards, Banh mi is a product of baguette, a French cuisine but the Vietnamese modified it to its present state called Banh mi. The changes, the fresh ingredients added and the modifications vary depending on the specific location of Vietnam. The fundamental components of a banh mi sandwich, which are bread, margarine and pata, are still found in the northern region of Vietnam. However, the southern region offers an amazing assortment of cheese, cold cuts, pickled veggies, sausage, fried eggs, fresh cilantro and chilli sauce. Banh mi’s flawless excellence has led to its replication in various forms across the globe. If you would like to experience these treats of best Vietnamese foods while visiting Vietnam, you can arrange a professional chef tour; they operate throughout the country, from Saigon to Hanoi.

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