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Thinking of where white house restaurant is located, the nature of services you, your family and friends can get there, type of dishes in their menu and so on? Here are the answers. The Anaheim white House Restaurant is a distinctive boutique restaurant sited in a well refurbished 1909 historic building in Anaheim, California and is only a short distance from the Anaheim Convention Center, Honda Center, Angel Stadium, and all the main Anaheim hotels.

It has a distinctive chic wedding venue and dining welcoming civilized and cosmopolitan events in Anaheim, California and world-wide. The location, with its superb cuisine and sumptuous surroundings, is ideal for exchange of marital vows because it’s timeless quality.

The restaurant provides couples with a beautifully and fashionable atmosphere for festivities after being renovated to provide modern amenities while maintaining the original integrity. Many important events for over a century have been held in the restaurant which is few minutes-drive from downtown Los Angeles. The crew at this location is made up of skilled event specialists who are pleased to help couples celebrate their love. The bar section of the restaurant serves cocktails, wine, and beer.

Anaheim White house restaurant

Brief history of Anaheim White house restaurant

Anaheim White House Restaurant has undergone series of acquisition and change of ownership since it was built, as a result, has a bit of confusing history as regards the main owner at some point on the course of its existence.

The White House Restaurant is a historic home located in Anaheim, California. The home was said to be built in 1886 by Albert Steinberger, and is one of the oldest standing structures in the city. The home is a Victorian-style building that features intricate architectural details, such as a wraparound porch, gables, and a tower. The Anaheim White House is considered a significant example of Victorian architecture in the region.

The home was originally built as a private residence for the Steinberger family, but it has had a variety of uses over the years. In the early 1900s, it was used as a boarding house and later as a hotel. In the 1950s, the home was converted into a restaurant and has been used for that purpose ever since.

The Anaheim White House Restaurant has undergone several renovations and restorations throughout its history. In the 1970s, a major restoration project was undertaken to restore the home to its original Victorian-era appearance. The restoration was led by the Anaheim Historical Society and included the rebuilding of the wraparound porch, the tower, and the gables. In recent years, further renovations have been made to update the interior of the home and to make it more accessible to the public. Jim and Barbara Stovall acquired the building in 1981 and turned it into a restaurant. Chef Bruno Serato, an Italian from San Bonifacio, Verona took over the ownership of the Restaurant in 1987. After a fire incident that destroyed the structure on February 4, 2017, it underwent renovation once more under the management of Chef Bruno Serato. Doors were reopened to lovers and their families in 2018 once refurbishment was finished. The building’s magnificent elements combine to make it a memorable and premium meeting spot.

The structure still stands tall and proud in Anaheim, California. A beautiful gathering or any standard occasion to remember is welcomed by the venue’s commanding frontage. The structure has a lavish portico entrance and a sizable balcony that invites couples to unwind and take in views of the land. While updating the manor’s guest accommodations, its outstanding features and illustrious character were maintained. The home has undergone meticulous renovation in accordance with its original design and features numerous antique furnishings, including the brick fireplace and many of its windows as earlier stated.

Sir Chef Bruno Serato, the proprietor of the White House, was honored as a CNN Hero in 2011 for his efforts to feed impoverished children. Over 5,000 youngsters in Orange and LA Counties now receive free lunches every day from his charity, Caterina’s Club, which he launched in 2005. Every meal served at the Anaheim White House Restaurant contributes to the provision of a kid’s pasta dinner. For the sake of humanity, we advise making reservations when planning to or visiting the restaurant.

Capacities of Anaheim White house Restaurant

The West Wing, with its beautiful ballroom has a capacity of 100 diners and if the surrounding garden is included, it will be up to 200. It has an enticing white walls and mirror embellishments. It is the only restaurant in Orange County with twelve private dining rooms, and the outdoor patio area is also available for events. The restaurant’s staff is experienced in planning and executing events, and they work with customers to create a customized and memorable experience that meets their needs. If the full restaurant and West Wing are utilized, the banquet capacity is about 450. The restaurant is open exclusively for dinner every day.

It has a playful atmosphere. A ceremonial lawn is accessible from the room’s opening. You can also choose to book the entire establishment for your special event. You can alter the menus to suit your preferences, and the staff will help you hold your event at the restaurant.

Anaheim White house restaurant

Services at Anaheim White house restaurant

Venue for wedding and other events

The Anaheim White House Restaurant is also a popular venue for special events such as weddings, parties, and corporate events.

Since more than a century ago, the Anaheim White House Restaurant has welcomed weddings and has a reputation for providing excellent customer service. Every phase of a couple’s wedding journey can be assisted by the experts there. The wedding planning staff works closely with the intending couple to make sure that every aspect of their special day is handled.

The venue’s immaculate grass, which is surrounded by statues in the classical style, is available for wedding ceremonies. In the West Wing Ballroom, a world of luxury and extravagance is waiting for you. Its interior is embellished with accents like Swarovski crystal chandeliers and Venetian draperies and is decorated in sparkling white and deep gold. The ballroom opens into the back patio and receives much of natural light. The spaces at this venue, which feature traditional Greek columns, enable couples to organize an elegant cocktail reception before going inside for dinner. Up to 1000 guests can be accommodated on the property in its entirety for a formal event that will be the talk of the town and spoken about for years to come.



The restaurant has a well-deserved reputation for great dining, and the catering team offers a variety of traditional meals that are expertly and creatively prepared. They provide a delicate filet mignon and an Atlantic lobster tail as part of their five-course surf-and-turf wedding menu. The restaurant’s bar staff offers a glass of champagne to honor the newlyweds’ love at the conclusion of the meal.

Cocktails before dinner are the ideal time to enjoy the tranquil garden, which is close to the West Wing. This historic edifice offers the ideal dining experience and serves sophisticated northern Italian cuisine, steak, and seafood.

Food and Drinks

The menu in the Anaheim White House Restaurant was updated by the owner Serato and his veteran chef Eddie Meza to include more artisanal products and classic pasta dishes together with other classic American dishes such as steak, seafood, and sandwiches. The restaurant also has a bar area that serves cocktails, wine, and beer, but they kept the French sensibilities that moderate Northern Italian tastes. Start with the filling and homemade tuna tartare or the hearty and homemade portobello mushroom ravioli. Serato is from Verona, thus one might choose the hearty soup made in the tradition of Verona with Italian sausage, noodles, and cannellini beans. We recommend any of the fresh pasta dishes, such as rigatoni carbonara or the traditional pasta Bolognese.   For the main course, the steamed salmon filet with white chocolate mashed potatoes stands out among the Mediterranean-style meat dishes. Other meat options include a New York steak, rack of New Zealand lamb, and a delicious filet mignon. Order the “Jackie O.” for a gathering. Pastry chef David Lorenzo invented it and surrounds the dish with bite-sized cakes, pastries, and chocolate-covered strawberries in addition to creating fantasy sculptures out of caramel and sugar. Ask for a recommendation from the extensive foreign selection; Serato, his supervisors, and the service staff are knowledgeable in wine.

The Anaheim White House Restaurant, California is indeed the best place to think of when planning to stage an event that you would like to be ingrained in the minds of the people. They have spacious lawn, ballroom, patio, specialist workers for assistance, outstanding cuisines, well prepared foods and drinks and many more. Your utmost satisfaction is always their watchword. Contact or visit them for your events and see the difference.

Dress Code: Business casual. 

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