American Automobile Association (AAA) Travel Insurance

American Automobile Association (AAA):

American Automobile Association (AAA) Travel Insurance was founded in 1902 when nine independent motor clubs across the north America banded together to create a national motoring association. The association, most of the time referred as “Triple A”, is a federation of motor clubs throughout North America. AAA is a private, non-profit association and service organization with over 60 million members in the United States and Canada.

It is one of the oldest and largest automobile clubs in the world. The organization is best known for its roadside assistance services, but it also offers a wide range of other benefits and services to its members, including travel planning and discounts, insurance, and financial services.

American Automobile Association (AAA) Travel Insurance

This article is going to dwell more on travel insurance offered by AAA.

As earlier stated, the American Automobile Association (AAA) offers a variety of travel-related services to its members, one of which is travel insurance. This insurance product is designed to provide financial protection for members in case of unexpected events or emergencies that may occur during their travels.

American Automobile Association (AAA) Travel Insurance

American Automobile Association (AAA) Travel Insurance is provided through partnerships with insurance companies and offers a wide range of coverage options to suit the needs of different travelers. Some of the coverage options available include trip cancellation and interruption, emergency medical and dental coverage, baggage and personal effects coverage, and travel delay coverage.

When you have a plan to travel, notwithstanding whom you would like to travel with, whether your family or you’re traveling alone or with friends, travel insurance is one thing you should not ignore. This can assist you if there are any unanticipated problems or delays.

The Surest way to being stress-free is looking for the correct insurance to fit your itinerary and if you’re one of the hundreds of people with AAA membership, you already know that they provide some excellent savings on insurance and travel. Additionally, they have travel agents that can assist you in organizing your upcoming holiday and can offer you several savings on lodging, airfare, and other costs. They have varieties of travel insurance plan that will address all of your requirements, be it general or specific.

Through their collaboration with Allianz, AAA offers four different types of travel insurance. They include Premiere, Classic, Basic, and Essential plans, with differing levels of coverages.

The company’s policies are administered by Allianz Global Assistance, an insurer that serves 40 million customers in the U.S. and operates in 35 countries. Worthy of note is that AAA travel insurance is not for only AAA members. Bearing this in mind, you don’t have an excuse whatsoever not to take the advantage of numerous benefits of AAA insurance.

American Automobile Association (AAA) Travel Insurance


American Automobile Association (AAA) Travel Insurance offers annual or single-trip policies for domestic and international travel. The policies vary by state and travel destination, so the plans available in your home area may differ from the one available in other areas. If you want to see the prices for different areas, AAA’s Get A Quote tool can be of help as the detailed prices for each of the areas and the services they offer are there.

The single-trip plans offered by AAA are intended for visitors who are departing from one location, traveling to a different location (whether domestic or abroad), and then returning.


Below are break down of four travel insurance plans offered by American Automobile Association (AAA) Travel Insurance in collaboration with Allianz.


The Essential Plan – $87.00 – $90.00

The price is not static and also differ based on your area, you need to contact AAA when planning to  travel for current price.

  • Travel Delay: $150 – $155

The essential plan is the best option for people who only require the most basic trip cancellation and interruption insurance and don’t require any further insurance coverage. Domestic tourists who already have access to health insurance in the U.S and who don’t intend to bring business equipment will find this to be a good fit.


The Basic Plan:  $115 – $120

Though as already highlighted in the essential plan, the price changes and also differ based on your area, you need to contact AAA when planning to travel for latest price.


  • Travel Delay: $280 – $320
  • Baggage Coverage: $480 – $560
  • Emergency Transportation: $48,000 – $52,000
  • Emergency Medical/Dental Coverage: $9,500 – $10500

For those organizing a weekend getaway, a basic plan might be the best plan. If you have health insurance either individually or through your company, $10k may be sufficient for emergency medical and dental services when traveling domestically. However, costs incurred outside of the country or abroad can be substantial. Additionally, $50k might not be enough to pay for an overseas aircraft and crew expenses if you need emergency medical treatment.

It has all the features of the Essential Plan, in addition to medical coverage and some increased protections for baggage and travel delays.


The Classic Plan – $165 – $170

  • Change Fee Coverage: $500 – $550
  • Loyalty Program Redeposit Fee Coverage: $495 – $510
  • Travel/Trip Delay $750 – $850
  • Baggage Coverage: $950 – $1100
  • Baggage Delay Coverage: $250 – $350
  • Emergency Transportation: $450,000 – $550,000
  • Emergency Medical/Dental Coverage: $45,000 – $50,000

The Classic and Premier Plans have similar insurance coverage types, but the latter in addition to those related features has emergency medical coverage, emergency transportation, trip delay and baggage delay limits.

The Premier Plan – $270 – $280

  • Change Fee Coverage: $450 – $550
  • Loyalty Program Redeposit Fee Coverage: $450 – $550
  • Travel/Trip Delay $1,550 – $1,650
  • Baggage Coverage: $1950 – $2050
  • Baggage Delay Coverage: $550 – $620
  • Emergency Transportation: $1,000,000 – $1,000,200
  • Emergency Medical/Dental Coverage: $45,000 – $52,000

Premier plan is more of transportation insurance coverage. It would be very advantageous to have higher medical coverage benefits. This will optimize the plan for you and make it all encompassing.

Rental Car Damage protector plan, interruption and baggage loss coverage and rental car damage and theft benefits are also available. If the rental automobile is stolen or damaged, this protection will cover your expenses. You will also be compensated for any travel time that is not utilized and for any lost or damaged luggage. An alternative to purchase coverage at the rental counter is also in this plan.

How Long Can I Apply for the Four AAA insurance Plans

Based on your travel plans, you can apply for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly plans etc.

The illustration below is for yearly/annual plans.

Annual plans

The annual plans apply for a total of 365 days of domestic and international coverage. The plan is the ideal for those who travel frequently. The three more expensive policies, which AAA is providing for this route, are targeted at business travelers.


The Annual Deluxe Plan

This plan is intended for people who are more interested in international medical coverage than they are in pre-trip cancellation benefits or business equipment protections. This strategy can be adequate if you already have travel insurance through a credit card.

Annual Executive Plans

are ranked on the basis of the amount of trip cancellation and interruption coverage offered. Business equipment coverage, rental coverage, and delay coverage are all included in the annual executive plans. These arrangements might be your best option if you’re traveling for work.

How to Choose AAA Travel Insurance Plan that Suites Me

What is the ideal AAA insurance plan for me?  You need to have in mind the best coverage that will take care of you in case of any eventuality while on transit.

You may only require an emergency medical insurance policy if you already have a premium travel card that offers you adequate trip cancellation protection. The Business Platinum Card® from American Express, for instance, provides a $9,500 – $10,500 trip cancellation benefit per trip and a $19,500 – $20,500 annual benefit. Terms and conditions apply here, so you need to study them meticulously before applying. The only plan that offers a commensurate amount of travel cancellation insurance is the Annual Executive Plan ($9,500 – $10,100).


  • Depending on your travel objectives, you might be better off with a comprehensive plan like one of the single or annual trip plans if the coverage offered by your card is insufficient, you don’t have credit card coverage, or you didn’t pay for your trip with that credit card.
  • The annual plans will work best if you’re a frequent traveler and plan to do lots of excursions. If you will be away from home for longer than 45 days, you should consider other solutions because the coverage for each trip is limited to that time.

When planning for your trip, it will of utmost importance to know items/plans covered by AAA travel insurance

You should be aware of the numerous left out items/plans in AAA travel insurance policies. This will help you know exactly what kind of coverage you’re going to get. The following are some typical exclusions:

  • High-risk sports: The insurance deems unsafe high-risk athletic activities including skydiving, bungee jumping, heli-skiing, and others.
  • Intentional acts: Losses resulting from drug use, self-harm, intoxication, or criminal action.
  • Clearly named events: The policy specifically lists epidemics, natural catastrophes, and war as exclusions.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that left out plan rules may change depending on the policy and where you live, so it’s wise to read the fine print to make sure you understand what is covered and that which is left out.


What can I do in order to increase my travel insurance benefits?

You need to have a travel credit card that arranges your need in order of greater importance. Here are our selections for the top travel credit cards of 2023:

  •   A sizable bonus, point transfers, and flexibility: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card
  • No annual fee: Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card
  • Flat-rate travel rewards: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card
  • Bonus travel rewards and high-end perks: Chase Sapphire Reserve®
  • Luxury perks: The Platinum Card® from American Express
  • Business travelers: Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

As you plan and embark on your cherished trip with AAA travel insurance full cover, I wish you journey mercy. Bye!


Disclaimer: Hittravelsite makes an effort to maintain the accuracy and timeliness of its information. This information might not match what you find on the website of a financial institution, service provider, or particular product. You are therefore advised to go through the terms and conditions of the insurance offering body and the financial institutions before going for the offer.


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